Firstly your skin is assessed, and treatments offered if we believe we can make a significant difference to your skin.  We generally treat breakout problems with microdermabrasion in combination with active skin care (products containing certain ingredients which are active on the skin), as well as blue light BBL treatments (no downtime) administered over areas of breakout as part of the medi-facial procedure.

Most pimples reduce significantly with:

  • active skincare products used in a daily home care program
  • a series of Laser/Sciton BBL treatments to specifically target that bacteria that build up in skin prone to breakout
  • in-house cleansing, medi-facials, light peels
  • additional photo-rejuvenation treatments to reduce the brown spots and red marks that pimples often leave behind

Registered Nurse Kathleen Hoskins will work in conjunction with your GP or doctor if this is of benefit to you. She has trained with reputed dermatologists in the USA and uses the medical grade Sciton BBL to maximise results and safety.

Kathleen has suffered acne and breakout throughout her teenage years and into her late 20’s. Having now found a solution, she has a huge passion for supporting people through this condition. Her extensive experience is paramount to the results you can achieve. Each treatment is expertly engineered to achieve the desired response.

Cost: From $55 each treatment (usually $120 + $12 GST for a full face acne/breakout treatment)    |       Packages available: Save up to 20% by purchasing a prepaid package of 5 treatments.

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What our clients say

“I can’t recommend Minnamurra Medi Spa enough. Kathleen has helped me for over 6 years with my skin issues as I have acne, scaring and pigmentation. The personal service you receive and honest advice is truly like none other that I’ve ever experienced. The most dramatic difference is the decrease in inflammation and breakouts, this is from the treatment schedule Kathleen has put me on. I use a combination of Skin Nurse and Synergy Minerals as well as a treatment plan using the correct lasers and microdermabrasion needed at the time to create the best outcome.” (Ebonnie O’Dea)

“From my first appointment at Minnamurra MediSpa, Kathleen has helped me to rejuvenate my skin. I had issues with pigmentation, uneven skin tone and breakouts. Kathleen recommended treatments, lifestyle advice and products, all of which have had a significant and lasting impact on the texture and appearance of my skin. Kathleen has a down to earth and realistic approach. She developed a personal skin care plan for me, within my budget and I have continued to use her Skin Nurse products daily. A visit to the MediSpa is a relaxing treat and Kathleen goes above and beyond to ensure that” (Eve from Kiama Downs)

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