Sciton BBL is an effective treatment for many birthmarks, as it reduces pigmentation (brown/black discoloration), redness, and visible capillaries associated with benign vascular lesions. Birthmarks usually require a series of treatments spaced monthly, and some require long term annual maintenance treatments.

The Sciton BBL is a medical grade laser, maximising your results and safety.  Our Registered Nurse Kathleen Hoskins has been using it for 7 years and is the Australian Clinical Trainer for the Sciton/BBL system for Ionia Medical (Australia). Her extensive experience is paramount to the results you can achieve.

Each treatment is expertly engineered to achieve the desired response. The wavelength, fluence (energy level), and pulse duration required to treat each skin condition is carefully selected. More than one wavelength and multiple passes in the one treatment session may be used to treat different conditions. A unique precision thermoelectric sapphire cooling tip aids comfort and protects the upper surface of the skin during treatments.

Cost: From $55 each treatment     |       Packages available: Save up to 20% by purchasing a prepaid package.

The cost of the treatment varies with each condition and treatment area, please come in for a consultation to find out what is most appropriate for you.

What our BBL clients say

Do you want to feel at ease & confident in the expertise of your Laser Therapist? Look no further – Kathleen has it!! And the ‘bedside manner’ to suit.
Jude, Jamberoo