Even out skin tone, improve skin texture, create radiance, and stimulate the skin like you have never seen before!

I use Sciton BBL (Medical grade Broad Band Light)  to deliver a clinical treatment which is both safe and effective. Sciton BBL maximises your results and safety. Registered Nurse Kathleen Hoskins has been using the Sciton BBL over the last 15 years and is the Australian Clinical Trainer for the Sciton/BBL system for Ionia Medical (Australia).

Kathleen’s extensive experience is paramount to the results you can achieve. Each treatment is expertly engineered to achieve the desired response. There are a few similar applications of the Sciton BBL available, such as the ‘Hero’ BBL, and forever young BBL. ‘Hero’ uses the BBL with preset software, it should be a nice treatment but is unlikely to deliver the same results as a clinical application of traditional Sciton BBL. I have had a treatment of ‘Hero’ and believe the Traditional Sciton BBL to be far superior in term of results delivered. Particularly on lighter pigmentation,  redness and capillaries. At Minnamurra MediSpa I deliver clinical grade applications of traditional BBL, yielding the best results in my experience & opinion.

BBL is one of, if not, the single best treatment choice for maintaining a healthy, vibrant looking skin as you progress through the years. It improves the overall appearance, health and strength of the skin. Done annually, it provides a necessary stimulus for growth of healthy new cells, whilst lightening freckles and tidying up the signs of sun damage from the surface. BBL gives you an undeniable luminous glow. Treatments have very little to no downtime, there is no wound created or break to the skin, and you can wear makeup straight away after treatment. Treatments are best done when your skin is at its lightest in colour to minimise risk and maximise all of the potential benefits.

Sciton BBL, Kathleen believes should be the starting point for anyone wanting to improve the appearance of their skin. Kath will advise should the treatment not be suitable for your condition. We live in a beautiful country but it can sure have an effect on our skins appearance and quality. We are fortunate to have BBL as an affordable option to help minimise the signs of sun damage and to help manage other more chronic skin conditions such as Rosacea.

There are plenty of before and after images on the sciton www.foreveryoungbbl.com website, you can also google Sciton BBL on ‘realself.com’ for patient opinions after their treatments.  There are plenty of people, likely many of your friends, who have had my treatments at Minnamurra MediSpa and are very happy with their results. My business now runs on word of mouth, and is growing strongly. I put my heart and soul into each treatment and my aim is to achieve the best possible result I can for you on each treatment. I also love to get to know you and find out what is happening in your life. As a Nurse in the hospital system we don’t get to have follow up care with our patients, at Minnamurra MediSpa I am fortunate that my patients return year after year and I have the great privilege of caring for and getting to know you all.


Both hands $220/ per treatment
Full face $440/per treatment
Neck $220/per treatment
Chest $330/per treatment

Face + Neck + Chest $880/per treatment

I will alter the price if the area to be treated is smaller than average, I am always very fair and aim to make treatments affordable for everyone.

brown spots on hands before after

The cost of the treatment varies with each condition and treatment area, please come in for a consultation to find out what is most appropriate for you. Sciton BBL is an effective treatment for redness, capillaries, birthmarks, benign vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions (such as those caused by sun damage), freckles and brown spots.

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