At Minnamurra MediSpa we use Sciton BBL (Broad Band Light), which is an effective laser treatment for skin rejuvenation, BBL brightens the skin helping to create a more even and radiant complexion.

BBL specifically treats:

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dull skin due to sun damage (commonly seen as red and brown discolouration on the skin’s surface, which we try to even out with makeup)
  • Redness
  • Capillaries
  • Birthmarks
  • Pigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Freckles and brown spots
  • Texture of the skin
  • BBL is also a great treatment for managing acne and pimples/breakout.

BBL can even out skin tone and stimulate the skin like you have never seen before. Skin of all ages will benefit form BBL. For optimal effect we usually recommend a series of treatments and you will be advised what this involves during your consultation. Book an initial consultation here.

How does the skin rejuvenation treatment work?

The Sciton BBL laser is medical grade equipment, which is my main point of difference when compared to a beautician. The medical grade engineering & physics when combined with my extensive experience and nursing expertise maximise your results and safety.  Sciton BBL offers a multitude of wavelengths between 420nm-695nm. The wavelength, fluence (energy level), and pulse duration required to treat each skin condition is carefully selected & adjusted throughout your treatment to achieve the desired response from your skin whilst keeping the skin protected. More than one wavelength and multiple passes in the one treatment session may be used to treat different conditions. A unique precision thermo-electric sapphire cooling tip aids comfort and protects the upper surface of the skin during treatments.

Our Registered Nurse Kathleen has been using the Sciton BBL over the last 11 years, and is the Australian Clinical Trainer for the Sciton/BBL system for Ionia Medical (Australia).

Kathleen commenced her training in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.A. 12 years ago, and has attended advanced training with renowned dermatologist Dr Patrick Bitter Jnr MD in Los Gatos, California. Kathleen has presented her work & results with BBL at medical conferences.

Kathleen’s extensive experience is paramount to the results you can achieve. Each treatment is expertly engineered to achieve the desired response.

Results of the laser skin rejuvenation treatment – before and after photos

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How much does laser skin rejuvenation cost?

The cost of the treatment varies with each condition and treatment area, please come in for a consultation to find out what is most appropriate for you. Minnamurra MediSpa prices are almost half of what you would pay in Sydney, and the results are often superior. You will be surprised how affordable it can be to have great skin and keep it that way with essential non-complicated daily care and BBL!

Kathleen aims to maximise your results with each treatment, you do not need to lock into a package of treatments, Kathleen will guide you on how many treatments she believes you will need to realistically achieve a great long lasting result. You are the consumer who makes the decision to keep proceeding with treatments as you are seeing the beneficial changes in your skin. You should see improvement after each treatment (with the greatest change being after the first one).  Once you have your complexion treated and you are happy with your results Kathleen will put you on the annual maintenance regime, where you do at least one treatment each winter (treat it like your car service, it must be done!) to maintain and further maximise your results. This approach if beneficial for the skin long term and is also very affordable.


BBL is in Kathleen’s opinion the single best treatment you can do for your skin.


Patient comments:

I had the BBL treatment- my first one and I am absolutely blown away by the results. AMAZING….Not to mention that Kathleen is a wonderful, lovely person who knows her stuff. Highly recommended. Yael- Patient from Sydney, March 2019.

Kathleen is so knowledgeable and has my skin looking totally amazing! I looove the fresh look she has brought to my skin. Sylvia- Kiama Downs 2019.

I have admired my sister-in-laws fabulous skin following BBL treatment at Minnamurra MediSpa over the past few years. I have on;y recently taken the plunge myself. Kath in an absolute professional. My skin has never looked so good! No more break outs and I rarely wear makeup these days. Now my other sister-in-law has made the trip to Minnamurra MediSpa and hasn’t stopped raving about her skin. The secret is out! Dee-Patient from Sydney 2019.

I had my first BBL laser treatment to remove really stubborn pigmentation. I am beyond thrilled! The treatment did exactly what Kathleen said it would. For the first time in years my skin is free of the pigmentation that caused me to be quite self conscious. I feel quite cross when I think of the all the time and money wasted on creams, IPL (elsewhere) and other “remedies” that did nothing at all. Kathleen was wonderful and welcoming. Can’t wait for my next treatment and for Kathleen to work her magic on me. Elizabeth- Vincentia NSW South Coast.