Sebaceous Gland Ablation (SGA) is a permanent, medication free, solution for acne and breakout. It is suitable for teenagers and adults. We are one of the only clinics offering this treatment on the NSW south coast/ Illawarra region

SGA is used to treat specifically the glands that are involved in your active breakout/cysts at the time of treatment, we have thousands of sebaceous glands in our skin – approximately 1200 per square centimeter of skin.  Only a small percentage of these sebaceous glands cause acne and breakout, even in the most severe cases of acne, When we treat during active phase of breakout we target the glands specifically causing the trouble.


The skin is cleaned thoroughly, then a micro (very small) insulated (protected) needle is inserted into the affected follicle/cyst and a small burst of energy is delivered to destroy the sebaceous gland. Once the sebaceous gland is ablated or destroyed, it can no longer break out. Only active acne can be treated as we use the inflamed breakout as a guide to finding the affected sebaceous glands.

types of acne pimples illustration


No more than squeezing usually would. I find it to be more gentle as there is no pressure applied, and as you know those breakout lesions are very tender when you apply pressure! The micro insulated needle is as fine as an acupuncture needle, some ablations you feel, and others you don’t feel at all.


The treatment is suitable for both female and males, any age (generally 13 years and above- please bring a parent if you are under 18 years old). Sebaceous gland ablation can be performed on any active acne lesion, from a lesion as tiny as a blackhead to lesions as large as cysts. Multiple treatments are generally required to ablate each sebaceous gland (between two and five treatments). Depending on the number of breakout affected sebaceous glands you have, it can take a number of treatments before you become permanently breakout free. I leave the number of treatments up to the individual to decide as only you know how fussy you are! Treatments are not done when taking Roaccutane or for 6 months immediately after Roaccutane therapy. Treatments can be done if you are taking the contraceptive pill, long term antibiotics for the treatment of your breakout,  and when using most topically applied acne treatments: Please discuss what you are currently using with Kathleen when you come in for a consultation or treatment. You are welcome to come in for a consultation first (There is a $55 fee, but this is usually only charged if you don’t go on to book treatment or if Kathleen advises that you seek alternative treatment elsewhere),  you can book directly in for treatment. Kathleen will advise if the treatment is not suitable for you.

  • Downtime: There is minimal downtime with this treatment. Single acne lesions which are treated temporarily become more inflamed but usually settle within 24-48 hours.
  • Preparation: There is no particular preparation for this treatment, however, it is best to do it when active acne lesions are most inflamed.
  • Approximate Cost: A single treatment of Sebaceous Gland Ablation is $165. I don’t offer packages for this treatment as we don’t know how many treatments you will need/want. I do my very best to treat as many lesions as possible with each and every treatment and to make the treatments as affordable as possible. I had cystic acne for 17 years myself so finding a suitable treatment option for all of my patients is paramount.


Registered Nurse Kathleen Hoskins will treat you each and every time you come to Minnamurra MediSpa. Kath has been in this business for over 2o years and prides herself on the quality of her work. Each treatment is tailored specifically to your individual needs, she does not aim to up-sell or get you back for loads of treatments until you decide to go elsewhere. Her aim is to treat you as minimally as possible to keep it affordable and then only maintenance treatments as needed. If you can manage your condition with home-care products such as the Skin Nurse ‘Combat’ serum, or if home-care will reduce the amount of treatments needed, Kathleen will recommend accordingly. Her patients are very loyal as it can be hard to find a practitioner who cares as much as she does!

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.