I have been injecting non-permanent dermal fillers (branded names such as: Juvederm, Restylane, Esthelis, Belotero, Teosyal) for over 15 years. My approach is certainly less-is-more.

I aim to soften bothersome lines and restore your natural contours. The balance of your natural features needs to be respected. Sometimes I replenis lost volume and restore the facial contours that flatten with age,  this helps to keep balance and create a natural looking shape.  My philosophy in general is against the overdone Bratz Doll look for humans. Most of us don’t want a trout pout: this only marginally looks good (to those who like it) in a static Instagram shot, and looks rubbery in real life when those same lips move when eating and talking, the natural balance is often lost as a result of over or disproportionate filling, and filler migration can further worsen the result. Less-is more! Use a really good quality filler sparingly, allow for a little migration, should it occur,  so that it is advantageous rather than disastrous.

Volume replacement in the face needs to be in exactly the right proportion & place, overfilling the cheeks or mid-face in order to achieve a lift for the jowl region is a common mistake. As is putting cheeks in the wrong place (believe me I have seen ‘cheeks’ everywhere!) Some lines and heaviness are best either lifted/removed with surgery or left well alone. Kathleen will advise as to the best approach for your concern, while doing her best to work within your budget and realistic expectations.

The non-permanent injectable fillers treatments I use are made from Hyaluronic acid: a sugar like syrup that is naturally present in the skin tissue & around many of our joints. These are artificially produced (gone are the days of using collagen from cows, thank heavens). This substance will help to retain moisture, hydrating and filling out volume deficits in your skin. When done well, the result can be fabulous. Most practitioners market that these treatments have no downtime, but really, you need to allow some time for possible swelling and bruising to go away. Mostly after treatment you can get away with makeup and press on with your day. Some individuals bruise and swell more, others not so much. I can’t promise there wont be any bruising after treatment, but I can promise that I will take as many steps as I can to reduce it where possible. My injections are done using a very fine needle & I spread it thinly with lots of fine small injections, this gives the best result, rather than trying to limit the injection points and injecting larger amounts per injection site. Overall the end result is what is most important. I pride myself on my beautifully fine work. My patients faces, in my opinion,  don’t resemble the current trend of overfilled dolls.

Dermal fillers are very popular treatments, there are even people doing them in shopping centers, but don’t let this fool you. When done correctly they can give a beautiful youthful restoration to the treated area, but they are not without risk. I will discuss this with you at length during your first appointment, and you can decide if the treatment feels right for you. I will only administer a treatment if I believe your result will be aesthetically pleasing.

Please be warned that often patients come for Injectable treatments and end up having BBL treatments instead, as what they really want is to feel they look their age, but with outstandingly beautiful skin. Sciton BBL gives a unique radiance to the skin and should not be overlooked prior to cosmetic injection treatments. Kathleen will discuss this with you if she thinks it will enhance your outcome or be better value for you.

*Regulations prevent us from stating the brand names of the products used in anti-wrinkle treatments. Please get in touch at [email protected] for full details.

Dermal fillers are recommended for…

  • re-volumising the cheeks, jaws and chin
  • plumping the lips, cupids bow, lip borders and lip lines
  • shaping and filling deep expression lines
  • smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenating the face

Procedure & Results

The treatment consists of multiple injections during a session and is provided by our Registered Nurse Kathleen in collaboration with a medical doctor in both the Wollongong and Minnamurra cosmetic clinics. A doctor is usually on-site in the Wollongong rooms, offering an outstanding level of care and professionalism. Our Doctor is also available locally should we need him.

Results are often visible immediately and the effects last between 3 and 18 months. You often need to gradually build on the base of filler to reach long lasting results. Again here: less-is-more, we work slowly and carefully to give you the best outcome while minimising risk where possible. Some patients have filler that lasts for years, each patient is different. I will work with you to help find what works for you.

How safe is it?

The Hyaluronic acid (HA) gel being used is synthetically produced and is similar to a natural substance found in the human body (like a sugar syrup), it is cross linked to stabilise it and give your result longevity. I use a filler that has dense organised and randomised cross-linking. Dermal fillers are generally safe, depending on the region, technique and volume being injected. Care is taken to reduce risks during the procedure,  It is possible to dissolve HA Fillers are if the patient ever wishes to reverse the treatment.

Treating gently and carefully, spreading the injections out finely, mapping out arteries, and using small amounts all help to reduce your risk of adverse events following treatment. Some clinics aim to sell the products for less, but perhaps in the end sell you more in volume, making you feel like you get a better deal. I believe this approach is ruining beautiful faces  & the ethics and trust in the non-surgical cosmetic industry, patients are being over treated and their potential for adverse events is increased. Please don’t pay rock bottom for a poorly executed treatment.

All of my patients desiring filler treatments can be seen in Wollongong or the Minnamurra rooms.

Higher risk procedures are done only at Wollongong, & if you wish for Dr Mizori to be on-site you will need to book at the Wollongong rooms only- there I have multiple hands on deck should anything untoward occur during treatment. This is best practice in my opinion. I don’t offer a shopping center like experience, your face and your outcome is far too important to me for that. It is safer practice for you to come to the rooms of my prescribing Doctor where multiple hands can be on deck if required. In my 15 years of injecting I have never had anything untoward happen during a filler treatment (excluding a nervous patient fainting!), most procedures that I do are safely carried out in the Minnamurra clinic. I can also advise you if your procedure needs to be done in Wollongong.

To book your dermal filler treatment in Wollongong call: 4227 2000 (first Friday each month) requesting treatment with Kathleen.

To book your dermal filler treatment in Minnamurra call: 4263 9922 or book directly on this website (any day)


The Minnamurra MediSpa office

The Minnamurra MediSpa office

Kathleen works with Dr Mizori of South Coast Cosmetic, Skin & Vein Clinic in Wollongong in order to provide a high standard of care and a valid medical prescription for injectable treatments.

Filler can be done at either Wollongong or Minnamurra rooms, for your safety, the rooms are lovely and clean, and there is plenty of free parking available at either of the premises.

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be performed in Wollongong or the Minnamurra clinic,  ‘Minnamurra MediSpa’ which is in the Shellharbour region, close to Kiama Downs. These treatments require a valid medical prescription which we will arrange together when I see you.

The Wollongong clinic:
South Coast Cosmetic, Skin & Vein Clinic
439 Crown St, Wollongong NSW 2500
Phone: +61 2 4227 2000