Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Medi-Spa?

A Medi-Spa is a spa that is operated under the supervision of a licensed health care professional. Medi-Spa’s use medical treatments such as broad band light (BBL), microdermabrasion, Botox/Dysport, ‘fillers’ such as Restylane and Juvederm, and other cosmetic services. They also provide a range of traditional spa services such as facials and skin peels.

Why choose Minnamurra Medi-Spa?

Minnamurra Medi-Spa is a professional skin care clinic offering nurse delivered care to the discerning patient. Our treatments are positioned between that of a beauty therapist and a specialist doctor. Kathleen has a fine eye for detail and delivers a very high standard of care.

Kathleen is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with nursing experience spanning 13 years. During this time she has worked in Royal North Shore hospital as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, and as a Nurse Consultant with a range of Sydney’s top cosmetic general practitioners, specialist plastic surgeons, and most recently a renowned Wollongong Dermatologist.

Kathleen’s focus is to use techniques to reveal subtle, natural looking results with minimal downtime.

What is Sciton BBL?

The Sciton BBL (Broad Band Light) is a medical grade BBL machine, which in the hands of an experienced practitioner, maximises your results and safety.

The Sciton BBL offers a multitude of wavelengths energy levels, and pulse durations, which can be adjusted to suit your skin and target particular concerns. The light energy absorbs into the unwanted target in your skin (such as freckles, redness, capillaries, pimples, fine lines, enlarged pores, or hair). More than one wavelength, along with multiple passes, may be used during your treatment sessions, to target address your concern/s.

Please feel welcome to visit for more information regarding the laser/BBL used in this clinic.

What is a Medi-Facial?

Medi-facial treatments are about pampering and getting real results! Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs- Kathleen will assess your skin and customise your treatment accordingly.

A Medi-Facial offers: Ultracleansing using Synergie Practitioner products combined with the Clarisonic Pro sonic method. This focuses on  clogged pores over your chin and nose, with an Enzyme hydropeel to gently lift dead surface skin cells.  Followed by a beautiful facial massage with active skincare cosmeceuticals infused into your skin. Kathleen will then incorporate Synergie MasqErase, a hydrating and anti-ageing mask to restore moisture levels and combat environmental damage.

Medi-Facials deeply cleanse & re-hydrate, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and your skin glowing.

Do you offer cosmetic injectable treatments?

Yes we do, you will first have a full consultation with an experienced Doctor, then Kathleen will additionally consult and treatment can begin as appropriate.

Kathleen’s approach is ” less is more”, using the smallest amounts possible, reducing expense, and giving you beautiful natural looking results. Kathleen is not a fan of big lips, a frozen face, or that BoToxed look!

What treatment do I need?

Kathleen provides a professional consultation focusing on your main concerns. A treatment plan and costings will be explained as well as the benefits and risks of treatment. Kathleen is very happy to refer you if she feels that you may get better results with services she does not offer. After 10+ years in the cosmetic medical industry Kathleen has a fantastic knowledge base and extensive connections in the field.

What results will I get?

Results will vary depending on a range of factors including skin type, skin condition, intensity of treatment programme, and the treatment methods applied. Kathleen will explain the treatment options available at the time of the initial consultation. Kathleen is very happy to refer you to another practitioner if she feels that you may get better results with services she does not offer.

What downtime will I need after a treatment?

Downtime refers to possible swelling, discoloration or short term effects associated with some of the treatments available at Minnamurra MediSpa. Many treatments have minimal or no downtime. Some treatments which target deep into the skin can result in short term swelling or dis-colouration of the treatment area. Downtime can be minimised with a reduced intensity of treatment, however to achieve a particular result, additional treatments may be required.

Kathleen will explain the treatment options available and any associated downtime at the time of the initial consultation.