Benefits: Medi-facial treatments are about pampering and getting real results! A Medi-facial is a must for tired, dry, or breakout prone skin to deeply cleanse & re-hydrate, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and your skin glowing.      

What’s involved: An ultracleanse using Synergie Practitioner products and Clarisonic Pro sonic method. I focus on minimising clogged pores over your chin and nose, adding an Enzyme hydropeel to gently lift dead surface skin cells (this gives you no downtime) and enhance penetration of your relaxing Vitamin A & Vitamin B skin infusion. This is followed by a beautiful facial massage incorporating Synergie MasqErase, a hydrating and anti-ageing mask to restore moisture levels and combat environmental damage. Mineral makeup may then be applied leaving your ready to embrace the rest of your day.

Products used: Synergie Practitioner & Skin Nurse products are 100% Australian owned and use active ingredients supported by research, they are free of parabens, PEG, artificial colour, and artificial fragrance.

Medi-facial treatments are a great kick start to your homecare program , the skin is the largest organ of your body and functions on a daily basis, rendering homecare very important. Kathleen can advise you on skincare products to use on a daily basis to continue to stimulate and nourish your skin, it is possible to find effective skin care in every price range.

Take a moment to yourself: Order lunch, morning or afternoon tea from Minnamurra Cafe (additional expense) and enjoy views over the Minnamurra river & Rangoon island

Downtime: Nil

Cost: $130 each ($155 if you wish to add Micro-dermabrasion)       |         Packages available: 5  Medi-Facials for $550 (saving $100).